Willow had magnificent eights on his appuyements and became twice 2e🎖️ with 219.5 and 212 points in the class Z2 in Benningbroek

Today Valerio (by Maurits 437) and Derk fan ‘e Telstarzathe (by Doaitsen 420) were allowed to enter the ring in the class L2.
Valerio (by Maurits 437) won 191 and 192 points in his debut and 2nd and 3rd prize. Derk fan ‘e Telstarzathe (by Doaitsen 420) gained 191 and 190,5 and a nice 3rd place and he achieved the points for the class M1.

The beautiful pictures are made by Fardau Seerden of Fardau’s Photography.

Very suddenly we have to let you go. A pony with a golden character and attitude. He was very special for us and many! We will never forget you.

Shadow was the start of our training stable. Together with Tim and Nicky, Shadow has won many great prizes, which we are very proud of.
Until today he was enjoying his retirement.

20-3-1990 to 7-8-2018

Today, Valerio (by Maurits 437) and Derk fan 'e Telstarzathe (by Doaitsen 420) were once again allowed to put their best foot forward in the ring.

Valerio obtained in the class L1 193 and 196.5 points. With this he managed to win the class twice.

Derk fan 'e Telstarzathe achieved 182 points in the L2 class.
Cassa Nova did good business in his first 2 outdoor competitions of the year.

Last week and this week Cassa Nova showed beautiful clear rounds at Stal de Hameren and in Koudum in the level 1.30m.
He achieved a nice 2nd place both times.

Great news for Team Kruyt

Team Kruyt is located at a new location.
At the new location, Team Kruyt has 12 boxes, hot/cold water rinse, solarium, 3 sand paddocks, lung bin, pasture and a well-drained out side arena 20 by 60m.
At our new location, we hope to be able to serve you much better.
The horses stand on reed stew supplied by the fam. Walstra from Arum. In addition to the straw, Walstra also gives us the hay.

You can find at this address:
Poaldyk 72
9035 VC Dronryp

If you want a cup of coffee or tea then you are always welcome!

Cassa Nova jumps 2 days the prices

On July 31, Nicky and Cassa Nova started at Koudum. In the first round they were flawless and in the barrage they had 1 mistake and achieved a 4th place. In the second round, the rider made a steering mistake which could not be achieved by a zero round.
On August 2nd they started again on the beautiful grounds of Stal de Hameren. In the first round they had to write a mistake, but they were 5th with a quick time. In the second round they were very fast and drove a beautiful zero round and this resulted in a beautiful second place.